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Back to School

                                                              Sumber : https://unsplash.com/@daiga_ellaby

I walked into the office on Friday with two moms who were lamenting about this being the second FULL week back to normal (offline)school. They have middle and high school students. 

I admit..I found myself missing out on that buzz of school starting. That was something about going back to school that always make me feel like all was right with the world. Us as a family had a routine again .. we all had places we were supposed to be..we had purpose. 

Don't get me wrong! I love school holidays too, but by the time school started I was looking forward to it. 

I confessed to these two moms that I really enjoyed my mom's homemade lunches she used to make for me way back then. I know, weird.. right?! 

Something about eating my moms homemade lunch made me feel special, that delicious taste made me feel connected with my mom and that made me happy! 

Overtime of course as my mom getting busier taking care of my grandma besides none of kids at school bringing lunch anymore, so the tradition of having a little lunch container in my school bag eventually went away.. 

I could not imagine how hard it was for my mom to juggle kids and other chores, with six kids who were 1 or 2 years old apart from one another, all the incoming money had to be expensed  among them. I know it was not easy. 

I am sure Mom felt horrible when she told me to quit my dance course, she felt horrible when she said no to me for extra courses after school, she felt horrible when she quietly turning her head when I begged her to send me to girl scout's camp, all because she knew she could not afford them. 

I am sure I was not the only one, I bet mom felt horrible what she did to my brothers that she could not always giving them what they wanted. Mom tried her best to treat each of us equally. Money had to be disbursed not just for me but also for my  other 5 brothers a long with all the unexpected events which seemed to be occurring a lot.  

But guess what, all the let downs did nothing, we survived and we all still love each other! We didn't even remember all the disappointments! If we did, we just made fun of it! 

Sooo .. to all of you parents, who are getting kids back to (offline or online) school, I challenge you to be a guilt-free parents. Do the best you can and just love that student. At the end of the day all will be okay .. ðŸŒ¹☺️

PS: Thinking and missing you, Mom! ðŸ˜”

Widz Stoops, PC-USA. 8.21.21

10 komentar untuk "Back to School "

  1. Bahasa Inggris euy. Kamus, mana kamus....

    Jadi inget perjuangan ibu membesar anak-anak

  2. Aku gukir terus ke bawah mencari artinya dalam bahasa merah putih
    Hikz tidak nemu

    1. Warnanya udah agak burem, jadi gak kelihataan 🤣

  3. Mohon terjemahan nya mba Widz

  4. Terjemahan nya mana mba Widz

  5. Waduuh.. kamus mana kamus...😅✌️

  6. Wow... What a great Mom you had.
    And yes, you are a dazzling parent too....

    Glad to know you, mba Widz🤗