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Our Romance Encounters

dusk stopped at the veranda

the night is still dreaming

hope the sky is studded with constellations

as you once told me

love is like a night

there is dark and cold

like dried flower petals

like the twilight missed the dimness

we're in a mortal passage

let losing it is as easy as erasing one

over ink that is written on dull paper

so I don't have to drain my taste

the night has rolled dark

hope I'm still on even though it's gloomy

release the fatigue of your soul in my shoulder

although I want to be able to take shelter in your soft eyes

I'm waiting for the word beautiful jump off your lips

while I enjoy your gaze between the scattered taste

the night grasshopper jokingly parted the silence

you present the softness of your sweet smile

warm my loneliness through the endless day

approaching each other 

we try to understand the whisper of the heart

with sincerity we open ourselves

to explore the true nature of love

I find sincerity shines in your shiny eyes

blinking longing to share love

in the chant our fingers tightly grasped

our dance is accompanied 

by night symphony without the moon

interpret the rhythm of our hopes

alternating sighs of passionate romance

embrace us in the braid expression of desire

delete the past ahead of a new day

enjoy the beautiful evening in a warm hug

we don't want the moment to pass 

without a happy impression

caress your fragrance in the virtual love bed

reach for tomorrow we are united pleasing


Solo, Wed, 9th December 2020. 8:48 am

'with love and peace'

Suko Waspodo

suka idea

antologi puisi suko

painting by Rubal Rai

Suko Waspodo
Suko Waspodo Dosen, Leadership Trainer, Penikmat Seni, Pemerhati Kehidupan

1 komentar untuk "Our Romance Encounters "

  1. Selalu keren nih puisi cintanya😁👍selamat malam dan salam hangat Om Suko☺️🙏