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For You to Remember

                                             Dokumen Pribadi

Memories with you, I had a few and  I cherish every single one about you. You came to my Dad’s funeral and told me that growing up my daddy used to buy you toys. Light chat, indeed. But meant so heavy to me knowing you picked up the good thing of him. 

I was about nine years old when I visited your mom after school. I remembered you gave me your shoes, some nice clothes, books and pens. We took a nap together. We had a good time. 

Two years ago I stopped by your place, you were not feeling good, but yet you were up and happy to see me. Took me touring around the house, showed me all of your cute persian kittens. That would be our last good time together.

Felt like hearing thunder when I heard the news of your passing. Memory took me all the way across the ocean way back then, when I was about fourteen. You came to visit us for a holiday. After lunch, while we both cleaning the dishes you sang a song and I did sing a long with you.

I won’t believe that is over, need sometime to protect myself the pain, drives me mad. Since you’re out of sight, all my trying leads me nowhere, cause my mind still reflecting all the dreams that we’ve had. I sing my song each day for you to remember. Just for you to remember that I still need you here ... I sing my tears away ...

Sail away sister, may you reach your destination to rest in peace.

With love,
Your li’l sissy 

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