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Light Will Lead You to Love


Darkness will not force out darkness, but light will.
Hate will not force out hate, but love will. 

So, love your haters
Life is too short, and love matters

As for the light, it will lead you to love 

Widz Stoops, PC 5/2/20

6 komentar untuk "Light Will Lead You to Love"

Apriani1919 2 Mei 2020 22.19 Hapus Komentar
Yang penting love😁
Widz Stoops 2 Mei 2020 22.23 Hapus Komentar
Warkasa1919 2 Mei 2020 22.47 Hapus Komentar
Hidup cinta... hihihi...
Any Sukamto 2 Mei 2020 22.59 Hapus Komentar
Love will lead you back. Hehe
Meduster 3 Mei 2020 02.27 Hapus Komentar
Terjemahan nya
Budi Susilo 3 Mei 2020 03.19 Hapus Komentar
Ya... don't hate lah

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