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Happy Mother’s (Every) Day

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One of my client poured her heart out to me about her mother who is chronically mentally ill, how she gets  obsessed about things and is now obsessed about her mortality, she won't listen to any of her children.

She admits that this time is difficult and she loses her patience with her mother but she is her MOM and she has to stay focussed on being supportive and upbeat. Crazy things have happened in their relationships .. things that aren't either of their faults.. it's just life and her mom's illness. 

Listening to my client remind me about my imperfect relationship with my mom- yes to own it, some of my growing pains as a young girl- not that she has a mental illness or anything, but yes she is physically ill but mentally she is still going strong. 

I love my mom for being the best mom that she could be! Some of you have the perfect MOMS , if you have one CELEBRATE HER! Some of you have imperfect MOMS, if you have one CELEBRATE HER ! Some of you have Surrogate MOMS, if you have one CELEBRATE HER! ! Most of all if you are a mother yourself (of your own children .. of four legged creatures, etc ..) CELEBRATE YOU


Widz Stoops - PC 5/12/2020

3 komentar untuk "Happy Mother’s (Every) Day"

  1. Al Fatihah untuk ibu. Saya sudah tidak punya ibu, dan saya bukan ibu.
    Selamat hari ibu setiap hari kepada ibu di seluruh dunia.

    Utamanya: ibu muda tanpa anak

  2. Happy mother everyday...