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Happy Mother’s Day, Mother of Mine

                                                        Sumber : Yoshua Giri/ Unsplash

On a fine Sunday 
This is  the story my mother had to say ...

    “I was born during the Repression
     When the country made war 
     My parents made love 
     Then  I cried into life
     My father was a free soul
     My mother was a fire ball
     Together they were jolly 
     And I came along for the journey
     Thru’ the hardship I kept going 
     I carried my siblings with no whinning
     Though everyday I start wondering 
     Why my mother is gone too soon ?
     Did my father promise her the moon?”

Quietly my mother refrained ...
I saw tears rolling down to her pain 
Among those wrinkles and grey she gained
I see a joy restrained

Today —- just for today 
If I had a way 
I wish I could free her mind 
For she is mother of mine 

Widz Stoops, PC 5/10/2020, USA

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