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Love Is In The Air


When her dark brown eyes
Suddenly collide with his clear blue eyes
None of them blink
Nothing really to be said
Their heartbeats are too loud to ignore
But neither one to be blamed

Fate unknowingly sneaked in to take its course
While the universe quietly watching 

Love is in the air !

Widz Stoops , PC 4/23/2020 - USA

12 komentar untuk "Love Is In The Air"

Budi Susilo 24 April 2020 03.43 Hapus Komentar
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Budi Susilo 24 April 2020 03.45 Hapus Komentar
Love is in the air. Thanks God
Meduster 24 April 2020 03.49 Hapus Komentar
Terjemahan nya mana mba Widz
Apriani1919 24 April 2020 04.04 Hapus Komentar
Swarna 24 April 2020 04.13 Hapus Komentar
Bahasa Inggris tenanan aku tak Ngerti
Widz Stoops 24 April 2020 05.03 Hapus Komentar
Di tikungan..
Widz Stoops 24 April 2020 05.04 Hapus Komentar
Takut batal klo di terjemahin mbak Ester..he..he..
Widz Stoops 24 April 2020 05.04 Hapus Komentar
Widz Stoops 24 April 2020 05.05 Hapus Komentar
Nganu mba Aliizz...
Ayah Tuah 24 April 2020 16.06 Hapus Komentar
Ini nganu, ya?
Warkasa1919 24 April 2020 18.39 Hapus Komentar
Hiks... Aku butuh google transletπŸ˜“πŸ˜πŸ™
Dewi Leyly 26 April 2020 19.10 Hapus Komentar
Love is Cintaaaaa...

In the air is di air... eh....di udara ....
Eh, air itu udara ??


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