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Keewaydin.. I am In !

                                                                     Sumber : Dokpri

The technology overload! All daily routines! Get me outta here!!!

Hassle free would be awesome, and eureka ! I found it! Some sort of uncivilized place. Yeah I call it so. Eight spectacular miles of nearly footstep-free sands, hidden on this miniature tropical island between Marco and Naples.

The turqouise Gulf of Mexico laps the shore. It’s hard to imagine that we’re just a miles west to the traffic I-75. There’s no bridge, so we need a boat to anchor at the calmer bay side.

It’s a crowd-free day of sunning and shelling. Sometimes we are on the look out for the burger barge which pulls up on the sand to serve hot sandwiches with ice cold sodas and beers.

Geez Louis, locals have long kept Keewaydin a secret. I would too! Psst.. here I am sneak into the island for a bare-foot romance, a sound of breeze and a dance in the  sand. Just me and the wind to whine and you to love...

What a wonderful world.

Widz Stoops - PC 4/25/2020

19 komentar untuk "Keewaydin.. I am In ! "

  1. Love..😁😁😁

  2. Jangan sampai tenggelam di pasir yak

  3. Keren....😊👍👍

  4. Awas terbang topi nya😂🙏

  5. 😍😍😍 soalnya nggak ngerti 😀😀

  6. Josss. Aku langsung paham😁😁

  7. Sumpah mbak kalau gak dikasih translate aku gak nherti he he he