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“Is There Immortality For Me?”

                                                                     Sumber :  DokPri

The angelic aroma of musk         
penetrating the dusk. ..
The bundle of flames filled the hollow
are they for me to blow   ?    
I fight my fear in the dark
The night that I used to know
dark, quiet and deep               
but this oath i unsure to hold 
long before i quit 
way long before i quit  ...   

Soon the dew glazing over the field  
fear of broad daylight                                   
But I was born to fight. .    
For i have promises to keep 
As the dawn has come. ...        
and you still gone. ..         
Still raw. .. So raw. ..  
Why do i have to get old tommorrow?  
or is there immortality for me to borrow?

Written by Widz Stoops - PC 02/08/2020 for Secangkir Kopi Bersama

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